Monday, July 5, 2010

In the Garden

Here's a wonderful thought I read recently on The Mystery Revealed blog:

"The Spirit..said to me: 'Adam was placed in the garden...Now the garden is placed in you.'

"Interesting, don’t you think? The first Adam was placed in the garden. That is an outer thing in the same manner as the law is an outer thing. Well, if the garden is in me, everything is now internalized. I am in other words a law in myself. Spontaneously and effortlessly I now meet the standards of the law since they are an integral part of my new nature. If I am not mistaken He also added: “In the outer garden there were two trees. In the inner garden there is only one tree; the tree of life.” Since there is only one tree, a type of Christ, I cannot go wrong. It is utterly impossible for me to repeat Adam’s mistake. I think we can safely and without being in the risk of exaggerating call this eternal security."

                                                                Ole Henrik Skjelstad

I loved what Ole wrote here!  Adam was placed in a garden that was external to him.  There were two trees in the garden, thus a choice given and a possibility of choosing wrongly and losing the garden.  Now, we believers have the garden placed inside of us!  Heaven is in our heart!  And what's more, this garden has only one tree!  At salvation, the old tree of the knowledge of good and evil was removed and replaced with the tree of life, Christ Himself.  The old tree is gone, and the new tree is the only one there!  We are not under law but under grace!  Since there is only one tree in the garden which was put inside of us, there is no possibility of choosing wrongly and losing the garden!  We are secure!  We can't go wrong!  Wow!

How can we go wrong when we have Christ Himself as our inner nature and garden?  He is the tree of life, the river of living water, the Sun of righteousness!  Come and dine, come and walk with Him in the cool of the day, come and drink freely, rest in His shade, flower and blossom like a rose in the garden!  We shall never thirst again, never hunger again, never be lost again, never lack, never want, never be in darkness, never be alone again, never be forsaken, never lose Him.  We can't lose the garden of life, Christ, because He is IN us and goes with us wherever we go (even if we make our bed in hell, even there His right hand will lead us).  Even in the hells we experience on this earth, our heart lives in a garden named Jesus!  Thank you, dear Lord, for that!

                  With love to all,

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