Secure in Christ 1 - The New Birth is Irreversible

The miracle of the new birth helps me to see just how secure I am in Christ..

The new birth is irreversible!

It's a historical fact that actually occurred at a point in time.  When we were born again, a new being came into existence that hadn't existed before, and an old being was gone forever.  2 Cor. 5:17 says that we are new creations!  The old is passed away, behold, all things are become new!  The old is passed away and gone - it can't be brought back!  The old us, the dead in sin, self-centered, slave to sin and Satan self is now gone - the old man is dead, buried, and will not ever be seen again.  We can't go back to being that old person because that person has passed away forever.  We can't be a lost person anymore, or a sinner, or a child of wrath or the devil.  The old has passed away!

All things are become new!  We are now and forever a new creation - a new person, a found person, a saint, a child of God!  We are now alive to God in Christ!  We've emerged as wholly new-made creations into a wholly new and eternal realm.  We're on the other side of the "womb" and can't go back to that other place where the old man once existed.  We have been born again, and birth is irreversible and permanent - we can't be unborn!  God says, "I make, and who can unmake it?"  Nobody can!  We are new; we are never old again!

Thus we are safe and secure as babes in God's arms, and we can't lose this wonderful new birth or ever stop being this newly created being He has so beautifully and wonderfully made!

What we've been born of - the substance that we are made of - is of heaven!  It's heavenly and divine material.  We have been born of imperishable seed, indestructible life, eternal life..  We're made with the imperishable Word of God, the very life of God - He is in our spiritual DNA.  That's the make-up of our spirit man.  Our new spirits are made of the eternal life of God, for He is our parent and we are His children, born of God, born from above, born of the Spirit who gives Life!  The Life of God can't be destroyed, and this is the Life that is now ours and what makes up our spiritual cells.  It is the material that we are made of.  We are born of imperishable seed - that means it can't (and therefore WE can't) perish, be destroyed, be lost, or die!

Wow, this thought leaves me feeling so free and happy and secure!  My spirit will live forever, because it has been born of forever material - Divine Life, Life that is imperishable and goes on forever!  That means my spirit is imperishable and unkillable and will go on forever with God!
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14