Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Tale of the Poor Old Roof, Part 4

Picking up from where we left off last time:

I was so floored by what happened..I was telling the kids and breaking down in tears, and calling my husband with the wonderful news - I even called the lady at the insurance company that had "rejected" our roof to tell her the good news, and she said the story "made her day."  I just wanted to brag on my Good God, He deserves it so much!

well, the very next day we were having some friends over to hang out with the kids, and I shared our "miracle roof" story with the mom.  She said, you need to call my friend from church - he's a roofer.  She pulled out her phone and called him.  Of course he was in the area and came right over.  Of course he looked at the figure we had to spend and said he could lower his price a little and put on a new roof for that amount.  Of course he re-arranged his schedule so he could start sooner.  

And of course, we had a completely new roof only 2 DAYS after the insurance adjustor handed me the check to pay for it!  Wow!  When God does something, He does it right and well!  Things can seem so impossible, yet what's hard to us is so EASY to God.  Our problems real and they are so terrible.  Yet He is SO big.  My Daddy-God can do anything!

I love how He gave us this roof, and it was a complete grace gift.  I wasn't praying long prayers and fasting and believing for a roof.  I wasn't having the most spiritual walk of my life right now.  I wasn't going out winning souls daily for Christ or having some amazing ministry or anything.  We got something for FREE that we didn't deserve, and that's the beauty of grace:  you don't have to be worthy of the gift!  The Giver gives because He loves us, because that's who He is, GRACE,  and He gives based on His love and His worthiness and the worthiness of His Son and His Son's work!  I love Him so much!

To be continued..

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