Secure in Christ, Part 12 - We're Already There

One thing that amazes me and helps me to see how secure I truly am in Christ is the wonderful truth that our spirits are "already there!"  Our spirits are already in heaven with Jesus!  So really, when you think about it, we are not trying to "get" to heaven or wondering if we will "make it" to heaven, for we are already IN heaven in our spirit!  It reminds me of a quote by Watchman Nee, something to the effect of "There is no need to struggle to get into a room in which you already are.  Once you see that you already ARE in, you make no effort to enter."  He was talking about the "room" of being IN Christ, and that is exactly where we are, IN Christ!  Our life is safely hidden with Christ in God!  Talk about safe and secure..we are already IN Christ, who is already IN God, who is already IN heaven!  Our spirits are safely wrapped up in the most wonderful package of Christ Himself, sealed with the Spirit, held by God, safe already in heaven!

We live in the ALREADY with God!

We aren't trying to get reconciled, we already ARE reconciled!

We aren't trying to get forgiven, we already ARE forgiven!

We aren't trying to get saved, we already ARE saved!

We aren't trying to become justified, we already ARE justified!

We aren't trying to be at peace, we already ARE at peace!

We aren't trying to become holy, we already ARE holy!

We aren't trying to get close to God, we already ARE close to God!

We aren't trying to get to heaven, we already ARE in heaven!

I love that!  I love how we live in the already with God.  We aren't trying to work up enough faith to make any of those things so, for they already are a fact of our existence.  What a relief..

We're already raised with Christ.

We're already seated with Christ in the heavenly places.

We're already blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places!

We're already home.

We're already safe.

We're already born of imperishable seed!

We're already part of the Eternal!

We're already new.

We're already those passed from death into life.

We're already MORE than conquerors.

We're already victors over the enemy.

We're already overcomers and already led in triumph!

We're already in the faith, for we live by the faith of Christ Himself!

We're already living with a new heart!

We're already living with a new nature - His divine nature!

We're already in the Kingdom of the Son.

We're already heirs of the Kingdom!

We're already sons and daughters of the Most High.

We're already in the family.

We're already His building, His temple.

We're already holy.

We're already the Holy of Holies and the dwelling of His Spirit!

We're already possessors of the Spirit.

We're already walking in newness of life.

We're already delivered from the old dead life and its corruption!

We're already free!

We're already whole!

We're already full!

We're already loved!

We're already accepted and taken in!

We're already in the secret place of His presence.

We're already overshadowed by His protective wings.

We're already held, carried and supported by His everlasting arms!

We're already kept safe and guarded by our Good Shepherd!

We're already led in paths of righteousness.

We're already protected from the evil one.

We're already overtaken by blessings!

We're already provided for!

We're already pursued by goodness and mercy!

We're already dwelling in the house of the Lord forever...

We live in the ALREADY with God!  We're already in the new creation, already part of the permanent (and thus our spirits cannot even die)!  Already full of the resurrection life of God!  We are already, in our spirits, in glory!  In glory!  And when Christ appears, we also WILL appear with Him in glory!

Therefore, let's comfort ourselves with these words!  Satan can't take away the joy we have been given of knowing Christ and realizing we'll be with Him forever! Safe in You, dear Jesus - thank You so much!  So good to know my spirit, my real and true new creation self, is already safely in Your arms in heaven...
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14