Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joseph Prince on Jesus' Words to Us

I love this quote from Joseph Prince, from his book, Unmerited Favor.  In the midst of trials and the difficult times of life, it gives me such relief to know Jesus supplies all I need and IS all I need!  Joseph Prince says that in those tough times, Jesus tells us the truth that lifts our spirits:

"He is saying to you, 

'In the midst of your affliction, 

I am your shield.

I am your defender.

I am your fortress.

I am your refuge.

I am your supply.

I am your healing.

I am your provider.

I am your peace.

I am your joy.

I am your wisdom.

I am your strength.

I am the glory and the lifter of your head!'

Amen!  He is not asking you to pretend that the facts [of your difficult circumstances] are not there.  He wants you to realize that HE IS THERE WITH YOU!"

                                                                                                  Joseph Prince

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