Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Already Accepted

 Here is a wonderful quote from Joshua Tongol that I read on Facebook.  Just wanted to share it here, as God used it to really encourage me today! 


"The GOOD NEWS is that God accepts you even when no one else does. When everyone has rejected you, there you are, ALREADY in God's arms, comforted and safe in His embrace.

"Deep down in your heart, you know, that God's unconditional love is this way. Don't let any theologian or any misinterpreted Bible verse convince you otherwise.

"Your lack of faith or repentance does not change God's BEING as a loving Father.  In fact, it is His passionate love for you that fuels your faith in Him and even changes your mind about Him.

"You don't need to fix or change your life IN ORDER TO BE loved and accepted by God. But once your EYES ARE OPENED to the truth that you're ALREADY loved and accepted by Him, it changes your life forever."
                                                                                                     Joshua Tongol

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