"I Receive" - Wonderful Grace Song from Hillsong London

Here is a wonderful song about God's acceptance, love and grace that I just discovered..it is by Hillsong London...hope you enjoy it! 

As I think about Christmas and the gift of Your Son, dear Father, I think of all that He did for us and the wonderful gift He gave us of His own life to be within us in perfect union, His Spirit joined with our spirit, for eternity!  I thank You for that wonderful union relationship You have brought us into, all through the death, resurrection and ascension of Your Son!  Now we are bonded to You in perfect intimacy and we are fully known and loved and cherished.  There is no shame, no condemnation, no anger or struggle..all is well between us!  We are completely, whole-heartedly taken into Your embrace forever!

Thank You, Lord, that we are accepted! 

Accepted, accepted, accepted, what a beautiful relief to be accepted with NO possibility of being rejected, accepted as we are, accepted with our struggles and weaknesses (all our sins are GONE anyway and remembered NO more!), accepted once and for all, included in the inner circle of Love of the Trinity, enjoying the love of the Father as it washes over us for all eternity! 

This is what we were made for, this perfect relationship of love, this unreserved acceptance, this transparent relationship where we are valued and special, enjoying perfect intimacy, sharing and union with the One who loves us like no other ever could or will..

Thank You, Lord, for grace and the free gift of that right relationship with You, that wonderful union relationship where we are accepted and taken in forever, never to be left alone, never to be mistreated, never to be forgotten, never to be anything but His dearly loved child!
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14