Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Wonder of the New Creation - the Old is Really GONE!

To me, the Gospel of Grace is that He has taken away our sin and given us innocence like in the Garden of Eden, so we can enjoy partaking of the Tree of Life...He has removed our sin, blown it away with His holy dynamite (that's how I see God's wrath - as holy dynamite that blows up our sin so it can't harm, control, ruin, poison or kill us anymore!) and reconciled us to God (restored us to harmony and friendship), so we are face to face with Him - now there is NOTHING between us and God, nothing holding us back from Him, nothing to keep us apart, ever!

Believing this wonderful fact has opened the door for God to manifest the work of Christ in my life, making me come alive to it!! I partake of the tree of Life, Jesus, and the fruit is sweet indeed, through His Spirit coming in me I am born again into a whole new existence as a whole new person - I am a new creation, the old me is gone and the new me has come.

And amazingly, any hangups, struggles, sinful thoughts, fears and oppressions coming at me are seen for what they are - lies of the old existence..they don't represent me anymore! They are part of the old self, and that self died with Christ on the cross..I am now a new self, who was raised with Christ in the resurrection!

Hey, what a revelation that I don't have any hangups, problems, issues, or sin struggles. The person who had those problems is dead! When God made the new creation, He didn't make a flawed and messed up person with sin issues, no, He made a righteous, beautiful, pure and lovely new creation, created in righteousness and true holiness after the image of Him who created it (Eph. 4:24-5).

I guess I don't have any problems then! I guess I'm not a messed up person! I guess I am pretty wonderful, pretty amazing, because I'm a new creation in Christ, and He is pretty wonderful and amazing in me!

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  1. What a wonderful message! I loved your illustration of God's wrath as being holy dynamite! God's wrath is good news according to Paul in Romans 1, as God revealed already His wrath against all ungodliness, and it removed what hindered me from Him. God "is" love and not that He "contains" love, so even His wrath is an expression of that love.

    Thanks for sharing!




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