Sunday, February 24, 2013

You've Been Surrounded!

My dear friend Julie and I were talking one day about some of the verses in the Bible that talk of how God surrounds us with His love and care.  This was so uplifting to think about!  So I decided to do a little study of all the ways God surrounds us.  Of course, the beautiful glory of the New Covenant is that He not only surrounds us but is also IN us, and greater is He that is IN us, than He that is in the world!  Christ is IN us, that is so wonderful!  So I think we have it so good, He's covered us coming and going - surrounded by God's presence and filled from the inside to overflowing with God's presence!  It doesn't get any better than this on earth, and heaven will be the complete physical manifestation of His glory on, in, and around us!  Heaven will be where the whole atmosphere is the presence of God, and He fills every cell in even our physical bodies!  But even now, we have eternity here with us, around us, and in us through the Spirit of Christ in and upon and filling and flowing forth from us!!

So here are some of the ways I found that God just surrounds and is in us:

God surrounds us like the mountains surround Jerusalem..

He surrounds us, so the enemy cannot swallow us up..

His love will envelop and enfold us, His unfailing and steadfast love ever surrounds us, keeping sorrows away..

His peace is a guard on my heart, protecting me from worry and fear..

He wraps me in a robe of His righteousness, clothing me with eternal beauty..

He has covered me with His feathers like a mother bird warming, shielding and protecting her young..nothing will harm me..

Not only am I safe UNDER His wings, but He also has carried me on His wings to His bosom, and He bears me on His wings and makes me fly free, always with His wings under me to catch me and keep me from falling..

He lays His hand upon me to bless and protect me, and also He puts His arms underneath me to bear both me and my burden and to keep me from falling..underneath me are the everlasting arms!

He hedges me in safely from behind and He is always with me, protecting me as my rear guard and going before me to clear the way into a safe and beautiful future..

He surrounds me with songs of deliverance..sings over me and puts a song in me..

He encamps around me and rescues me from al my troubles, sorrows, afflictions and fears..

He is a wall of fire around me to protect me and is also the glory in my midst..

He is a wall on both sides of me, keeping back the raging floods of life so they can't consume me or pull me under, thus allowing me to walk forward in victory and in my destiny with Him..

He spreads His protection over me and covers me with favor, goodwill and pleasure as with a shield..

His beauty is upon me and He has made me beautiful from within..

On troublesome days, He hides me in the shelter of His presence and I rest there till the disaster passes by..

He fills me with His Spirit who pours out His love in my heart, and He also makes His Spirit of glory to rest upon me and crown me with love and compassion..

He Himself is a shield to me, and He shields me with His faithfulness..

His glory covers me, His tabernacle, and Christ is also in me as the hope of glory, for He glorifies me by shining forth the glory-light of Christ from within me..

Even in my weeping and dryness, He covers me with His Spirit showers of blessing and makes His spring of living water, the Spirit, gush forth from within me full of life and joy..

He covers my head and protects me in the day of battle, and He is also in me  - the power that raised Jesus from the dead, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world..

He's put me in grace, under grace, filled me with the Spirit of grace, and made me full with His fullness which is full of grace and truth! 

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