Monday, July 8, 2013

We're GRACED: Loved For Free, Loved Without Condition...SAFE in His Love!

You are loved for FREE, right now..
You do not have to do anything..
You do not have to attempt anything..
You do not have to change anything..
Nothing is asked of you..
Nothing is required of you..
Nothing is expected of you..
There is no pressure on you..
There is no law on you..
There is no stress on you..
You are loved - all you are, as you are, for who you are..
Without having to try anything, change anything, do anything..
You are loved with no stipulations, conditions, or expectations..
You are unconditionally loved by God, right now...and forever!

And because you are loved without condition, there is no condition that could happen that would ever cause Him to withdraw His love from you!   
That means you just can't lose this love, this Father, this Friend!
We cannot get away from His love..
We cannot get away from His grace..
We cannot get away from His presence..
He is more committed to this relationship than we ever are!
He is not going to leave us, forget us, drop us or forsake us..

You are joined with God, the One who is ever Faithful and True..
You are joined to a Love that never fails..
You are joined with a Grace that will not end, will not lose you..
Even if you fail Him, He will never fail you!
He has promised, "I will neither leave you nor let you go!" (Hos. 2:20 MSG) 

"You CANNOT get away from a Love that WILL NOT let you go!" (Robert F. Capon)

Even if we blow it today..
Even if we forget the truth we learned yesterday..
Even if guilt and self-condemnation plague us..
Even if we feel far from God..
Even if we seem to ignore Him all day..
Even if we don't have one spiritual thought..
Even if we get stuck in a legalistic 'perform or else' mindset..
Even if we feel like a washed out zero..

NOTHING has changed in our relationship with God!
He is still right there, still loving us, still looking at us with absolute delight, still whispering sweet loving words in our ear, still carrying us through, still making all things work out for our good! He hasn't dropped us, dumped us, or left us; He hasn't become disillusioned, disappointed or disgusted with us.
We are still His beloved children, His very good children, in whom He is well-pleased!
We can totally fail in every way and continue to be favored, loved, accepted, blessed and delighted in by God...that is unconditional love...



  1. This is absolutely brilliant, just full of truth and life. A revelation that God, by grace, loved me before I believed. God’s love for me is unconditional. It’s unending and unchanging. Since I did nothing to cause God to love me, I can’t do anything to cause Him not to love me.


  2. I love the way you put that, Alan! That we did nothing to cause Him to love us, so we can't do anything to cause him not to love us! Wow, we are so SAFE in His love!! The safest place in the universe is in His arms...He would never, ever hurt or wound our hearts, what a wonderful God! Blessings of His great love to you, Alan!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14