Thursday, February 20, 2014

God Heals Our Hearts With His Unconditional Love

There are so many wounded people in this world..perhaps we could say that each of us has wounded places, places where we've felt rejection or loss, pain or loneliness, unworthiness or shame.  I know that in my own life, my shame and low self-worth caused me to have trouble loving both myself and others.  I would sometimes lash out at others as a result of my pain and feelings of loneliness and unlovable-ness.  However, my prickly attitude and sometimes bitter or judgmental ways didn't offend God or put Him off in the least.  He simply kept on loving me, right where I was, never demanding that I change or 'shape up,' never judging or condemning fact, I remember one time I felt I heard God crying with me in my fear and pain!  He just kept loving me, loving me, loving me, washing over me with gentle waves of love and acceptance like endless waves upon the seashore, soothing and sweet, till I started feeling loved, started feeling healed!  His love truly is a healing force, the strongest in the universe!  And being loved by Him in such a real and unconditional way, I was able to love and value myself and others.   People who know that they are accepted and valuable are able to accept and see the value in others!

To me that means that when someone is acting in an unloving, legalistic or judging way, it means that they just don't know yet how loved and accepted and valuable they are! That makes me see myself, my sometimes unloving or self-rightoeus actions, and also others and their sometimes critical actions, in a new way.. God looks beneath the surface actions and sees us all as little children just crying out for love! And He knows that His love will heal our woundedness and give us the acceptance and worth we crave, so that we won't be judging ourselves or comparing ourselves with others and thus, judging them or lashing out in pain and loneliness anymore. But even if we didn't stop doing those things, He would still love and accept us and delight in us just the same! THAT is also such a healing thing! We need to know that we are fine before Him and cherished right now, as we are, in our self-condemnation, in our critical and judgmental attitudes, in our lashing out and coping mechanisms! If we are loved and embraced then, at our lowest, we really are loved unconditionally and forever - that is just what we have been looking for all our lives, that is the only thing that will feel the deep need of our heart, that is what makes us finally and truly feel SAFE!

We are accepted, taken in, included, loved, safe no matter what! This is the gospel!

This good news is the most healing and life-transforming message in the world, for it fills our deepest need to be loved and accepted and valued! Once we find out how loved we are, we can relax, we are okay, we feel the pain start to subside, we are not alone, we are accepted in our mess, we don't have to be perfect, we are embraced, we are special, we are safe..and we can start to see others that way as well and let them off the hook - they don't have to be perfect either, they are okay even in their mess as well, noone has got it all together, we are all special anyway, we are all equally valuable, we are all His dear children, we are all one in Him...judging goes out the window when acceptance flows in! Everything else melts away in the presence of the One who is Perfect, Unconditional LOVE! Thank You, Papa! I love the way You heal our hearts with Your grace and love!


  1. Beautiful message! The more I learn of what He is really like and who I am in Him, the more I experience His life.

    You wrote: "...we are all one in Him..." This statement alone gives the idea of Universalism. I recently read that we are all His children but those who don't freely receive Him, through the finished work of Jesus, are estranged children --- still His children, but unable to share in His life of victory that Jesus already bought and paid for.... when we invite Him to be our Father, then we can partake of His life, His blessings, His goodness, His favor... true love involves our free will...

  2. Wonderful, Dorothy, I love what you shared!! "The more I learn of what He is really like and who I am in Him, the more I experience His life." - Wow!! That is so beautiful, so true, so simple and yet so deep and rich! It reminds me of the verse, "we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is" - the more we see Him for who He is, the more we experience His life in us and find we are truly like Him! Wow, I want to ponder that some more!

    We are all one in Him, and all His children..I love that! It makes me think of the verse in Psalms.."it is He that has made us and not we ourselves..we are His people and the sheep of His pasture..and isn't there another verse saying, "are we not all His we not all have one Father" Some do not know it yet, do not know who their true Papa is, they wander through life feeling orphaned and alone, oh it is so sad because I know how they feel, as we all do, we have all been there, haven't we, at one time or another, feeling lost and without a home in this world, without a place of belonging, without love, feeling lifeless, yet all along we were not really orphans, simply estranged children! He loves those estranged children and woos them home, not forcing but gently wooing with kindness and love! Oh how beautiful to be able to tell someone, hey, you belong, you have a home and a wonderful Father, you are wanted and adored and cared about, you are not an orphan in this world, Someone wants you and is by your side right now with arms open wide...we are not calling outsiders to somehow find their way in but calling long lost children back to their rightful home! We belong with Him, oh what a wonderful thought! He invites us into the joyful fellowship and wonderful LIFE with Him that is our right as His created children..what a joy to fall into the arms that have always been there for us, wow!

  3. We are finally getting it, aren't we! I love learning the Truth about His unconditional, relentless love for us! (And it took me only 40 years to get it! Religion and its Law kept me imprisoned for so long, but now I am free, really free!) I want to share it with all of His "estranged" kids (including my own family!) A lost coin never loses its value!

    I just received Mary-Anne Rabe's CD entitled No Distance... beautiful, beautiful love messages from our Father! I listen to the words and just bask in His presence of pure love. One song that she wrote, entitled, I LIKE YOU, especially touched me. She wrote:

    Do you realize that God not only loves you, He likes you, too! He doesn't just tolerate you. He is not just looking at Jesus and trying to like you. He is not trying to change you to make you better than you. He wants to unveil your true you! The only thing He wants to change about you, are the things that you may think are you, but they are not!

    1. Hey there Tom, nice to 'meet' you here! We sure do love your auntie and the wonderful living truth of grace she shares!

  4. Wow, Dorothy, I love the lyrics to that song!! He not only loves us, He truly likes us and enjoys having us around! That is so beautiful! I feel I am just barely beginning to grasp the wonder of His love! I love your last sentence, it reminds me of a quote I read once by Andre Rabe.."the only things wrong with you..were never really you!" Wow! I'm rejoicing with you my sister in our freedom from religion/law, our freedom from the lie of ever thinking we had no value or worth!! Yay!!

  5. Thank you sparrow for the post.I Iike it . My life last month , actually the 3 months has been a disaster lol .all kinds of problems and circumstances. I read this post and sat quiet with my lord .he brought peace to me . He loves me . My joy has been restored. I dont know why I forget and get off track .lol blessing to you

  6. Mathew, I am so sorry that your life has been full of challenges and problems lately..I can really relate to what you said and have felt just that way, too...I am so glad that God brought you such peace...yes His love for you is so unfailing, unswerving, unchangeable, unceasing, unstoppable! No matter what road you walk, no matter what the challenges, He is there holding you up, no matter what. You're His beloved son in whom He is well-pleased!

    Mathew, what you've said really resonates with me gets me to thinking...Isn't it wonderful that no matter how many times we get off track, He never gets off track! He just keeps on holding us, loving us, keeping us, accepting us, helping us, no matter what! I have been off track too many times to count and still have so many areas and issues...isn't it so great that He loves us as we are, where we are, never asking a thing of us, never demanding any change, just seeing us as perfectly beloved right now, as is, no matter what! I love that I can fail, I can be imperfect, I can forget Him, I can run off and get confused by legalistic tendencies, and yet nothing changes in our relationship with Him..nothing! He goes right on holding us, loving us, adoring us, sustaining us...

    It never was about us and our performance or our strength of even our faith, was it? It was always about Him and His strength and His faithfulness, and He never fails! What you said really encouraged me that no matter what, He's there and everything is okay!

    Blessings to you, my brother, we are all in this together and all know how it is to go through the hard times..praying for you..
    In Him,

  7. Sparrow,
    You are so right , Thank You ! God sure gave you a wonderful gift for writing about his grace and love ! He is in us,the "co pilot" .We are very secure in him .He loves us. I thought back on my life the last few days after reading your reply and I can see how he has ALWAYS been with me through EVERYTHING .Keeping me ,comforting me ,loving me . I love god so much . As a single man (by choice) getting old I have lots of superficial human relationships ,but I have God for the REAL LOVE the DEEP LOVE that my heart and soul desire so much. .
    Sparrow , You Just keep Writing Because there are 7 billion people in this world. Many are ORPHANS looking for Love .A REAL ,TRUE LOVE. they will find it here . You show them where to find that love .In Christ Jesus . Keep this Blogg Forever .
    Much love to you sister !

  8. Mathew, much love to you too my brother! You give me the encouragement to go on with this blog when I sometimes feel like don't know how much I have needed that encouragement many times! There was one particular comment you wrote by way of encouragement, and it keeps coming back to me when I want to give up or feel that maybe this blog is making no difference..oh how we all need encouragement, don't we, from each other and most of all from HIM! His encouragement and acceptance is like our air, our water, our bread! I love what you shared about how He keeps on loving and keeping and comforting you! I can sense your deep and special relationship with Him just oozing out of your written words..He loves us all, wow..I love how you put that, He is the real love and deep love we desire so much and can't live without! Blessings to you, my brother, you are wrapped up in that love forever! Isn't it so wonderful!

  9. Sparrow ,
    You are a great teacher of the gospel .Stand firm in your message! I don't comment much , but I always read every blog post that you write , and I soak it up . Its great to know someone whos on the same page in christ .I love you so much my sister .mathew

  10. Hi everyone!
    This whole thread somehow reminds me of the the Father waiting for the return of the prodigal son. There was the son so far from home, hurting and eating the husks which had little spiritual nutrition, yet there was his father waiting with open arms and a feast prepared! That we are ALL His children and he awaits our return and His Spirit leads us to the realisation that there is a home for us to return to. And little by little we ourselves realise and little by little we as a race realise. And we are ALL that son returning home to our true Father. And we are all in the Father waiting for our brothers and sisters to return and actually being a part of the Spiriit's work through every little kind word and smile and reassurance and gentle touch that we do in our daily lives. And we are each one's encouragement. (I loved it when I learned recently that the word 'courage' comes from the word 'core' as in 'heart of'!!)

  11. Mathew, my brother, you are such a blessing and an encourager! God bless you richly!

  12. Patrick, I love what you shared! In my mind, I can see the picture you painted with your words! Everyone streaming home and the Father waiting with arms outstretched, with that irresistible look of unconditional love on His face!! Everyone awakening and returning home to the party waiting for them! It reminds me of a verse: "All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall bow down and worship before You." (Ps. 22:27) Isn't that amazing! God loves happy endings and parties and dancing and celebration, doesn't He! Everything is drawing toward a great big party at Papa's house, our true home!! Thank you for sharing that wonderful scene that came to your mind!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14