Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Winter Wonderland

Here in the Southern USA we are getting a rare winter snowstorm, and because we get snow so rarely, it always feels magical when it happens!  Everything is turning into a wintry white wonderland!   (To us it's a blizzard, but I know for you that live farther north it must look like only a little snow dusting!)  I thought I would post some photos of the lovely snow, and my dear hubby kindly helped me do so..  Above is a picture of a snow laden oak in our front yard..
Behind the house is the backyard and a wonderful little wood where I love to walk with God and also with our two youngest children.  This picture shows the view in the backyard looking toward our daughter's playhouse (which she received from the Make A Wish foundation, very special to us) and the woods beyond..

Hope you have enjoyed the window into our little world here in South Carolina!  Feel free to share about your location if you so desire...I would love to know where any of you wonderful members our little blog family are located...No matter what , I hope the weather where you are is also beautiful today! 


  1. I live in the willamette valley in oregon .your blog is so wonderful . Keep on blogging my sister !

  2. Oh, it sounds beautiful - Oregon! I have always wanted for my hubby and I to travel out to the West Coast one day..it is my dream to see Crater Lake, Olympic Rain Forest, and Mt. Rainier! You must live in such beautiful surroundings!

  3. I hope that you and your Husband are able to live your dream of traveling to the Pacific Northwest It truly is a wonderful place on earth . I grew up here, have been to most of the places you mentioned many times ,and would never want to live anywhere else . I would like to visit the Grand Canyon in mid spring.It's on the "bucket list " Hike down in and spend a week . was planning on doing that this year ,but plans got derailed . Have never been to South Carolina or any of the eastern states accept New York and Detroit. have always wanted to visit Florida and Louisiana.

  4. Wonderful to hear all of the places you have been to already in the US! I hope that you are able to see the Grand Canyon, more of the east...all the places on your bucket list!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14