Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christ Lives the Christian Life

"The Christian life is easy - I just let Him live it."  I read this statement long ago on a Christian message board, and it really stuck with me.  Easy?  There have been so many times in my life where I've thought the Christian life was hard and even impossible.  It seemed the more I tried to root out the sinful thoughts I found popping up within me, the more I seemed to fall into sin.  Eventually it seemed I was thinking more about sin and getting rid of it than about Christ and His presence in my life.  Condemnation and shame began to weigh me down.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't live this Christian life!

I think that was exactly what I needed to see.

Nobody can live the Christian life.  Nobody but Christ.

We were never meant to live this life on our own, by our efforts, or even with His help.  We were meant to express His life, which means to me that He lives it through us.  It looks like us.  But it's Him flowing through.

The Christian life is easy if I don't have to live it.  It's easy if I don't have to stop sinning on my own power.  It's easy if I don't have to figure out every detail of my life's direction.  It's easy if I don't have to handle my problems.  It's easy if I can rest.  It's easy if He lives it for me, as me.  It looks like me.  But it's Him.

I think we are constantly being brought back to the reality that we can't live this Christ-Life, but that He can and will.  I find He constantly brings me back to looking to Him within to handle every problem, every situation, every temptation, every fear or worry that comes, every decision.

Jesus, You will have to handle this life of mine.  Because I see, and You've taught me, that I can't handle it.  Praise You that I was never meant to.  I am not an independent agent, out there to fend for myself.  I am ever linked to You!  Yoked together, we are so ONE in spirit that we're inseparable.  You will have to live this life.  And because we're yoked together, I will be living it too, but we'll both know that I'm only a vessel.  The wine is You.  The Life is You.  You are the One who does it all!

There is nobody in us but HIM.  The evil one isn't there, our sinful nature is dead and gone and not there, the old man isn't there, even we ourselves as an independent agent of self-effort aren't.  He alone fills this cup.  He will pour out!

The Christian life is easy when we let HIM live it!  Because Jesus can handle anything.  Easily!

                         With love to all,

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