Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seeing Reality

Here is a wonderful quote that I copied long ago from an old grace discussion group called Believer's Rest.  This group was like my church when God began revealing His grace to me.  There were several regular post-ers, and even though I never posted at all, I felt I got to know these fellow grace lovers, and God used their words to encourage me so much.  This quote is from a group member named Wes and it's one of my favorites.  It was written to a fellow Christian struggling to believe that God could accept her after the mess she'd made of her life.  I've certainly felt the same way this lady did!  God opened her eyes to His grace and love and it was a beautiful thing.  Here's the quote:

"He will never stop loving you.  He looks at you now, as He always has and always will...whatever you do, whether you believe it or not...He will never stop loving you.

"Why not see reality for once?  See the God who actually IS.  The God who holds you in His arms, whispering His love into your ears...Allow yourself the privilege of hearing His inner voice.  Allow yourself the birthright that is clearly yours.. Allow yourself to be free from condemnation as you've always been.  allow yourself to be swept away in eternal life and love.

"Here's the kicker:  You are sinless, perfect, worthy of Divine love!  You look at yourself and see a mess.  You see your mistakes, problems, weaknesses, fears, etc. as unpardonable sins.  God doesn't see them at all...He sees a beautiful girl.  Do you see yourself as ugly inside and out?  God only sees a heart filled with Himself...Every [bad] thing about you was crucified, killed, buried, and did not rise from the dead.  The only ones who came out of that tomb were Jesus, and us, in Him, made holy, righteous, perfect, and beyond reproach!  That includes self-reproach.  No matter what we may think, say, or do, that's the fact!

"Can you see yourself the way God already does?  Can you open your eyes and look into the eyes that have been adoring your since the eternity before you were born?  There's nothing you can do to screw this up.  It would be easier for you to escape your own shadow than to change the way God views you!"


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