Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stay Drinking...

So often I catch myself fighting inside over some issue I'm concerned about, when God is calling me just to look to Him and enjoy His presence.  Just being with Him there in the secret place of the heart, enjoying that union of Spirit to spirit with Him, the problems pale in comparison to His grandeur.  And I realize again that He will handle the things I face.  He will speak truth into my situation.  He will bring clarity to my mind. He will remind me of all I already have in Him - of my righteousness and acceptance in Him, of His complete victory over all darkness, of His grace toward me at all times, of His presence within to live for me.  The secret always seems to be HIM, no matter what the issue or problem!

Why have my eyes on my problems when I could be enjoying His presence and perfect peace?  Yes, why?  Jesus doesn't have any problems, and I'm in Him today.  Even the biggest problem is no real problem to the One who holds the universe, holds circumstances, holds me.  I read in a book recently by Catherine Marshall that when she was ill, she had a conversation with God and His presence was very real to her.  He never rebuked or condemned her.  He only strengthened her and encouraged her.  And He told her, concerning her troubles, "You're taking yourself far too seriously.  There's nothing here I can't handle."  I love that!

He's obviously got all that concerns us in His hands.  We can simply enjoy His Presence. We can enjoy the love that is coming to us constantly, the perfect acceptance of us at all times, the eternal goodness of God pouring out on us, the sweet presence of God, the joy and peace that He exudes.  We can just enjoy being with Him.  The Christian life is a fellowship.  It's a communion.  It's a deep relationship.  It's a perfect friendship.  It's a love story.

He is teaching me over and over again to just enjoy that fountain, that waterfall of grace and love which is really the Spirit of Grace Himself pouring onto me.  To rest and just drink in the Spirit!  To be refreshed and invigorated by His presence and grace!  To commune with Him who is Perfect Love!  All our deepest needs are met under that waterfall which is "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

Just enjoying the Spirit of Christ within us is, to me, what this Christian life is all about.  He refreshes us with Himself!  And we overflow with love, overflow with grace, overflow with HIM to this world around us...

I love this quote by Rob Rufus that sums up what I've been pondering here.  I love the idea of drinking in the Spirit rather than thinking about my problems! 

"Have you ever seen a drunk who is aware of their problems?  They drank because they had problems and now they can't remember their problems and they're happy...we're meant to stay drunk and happy and joyful in the Holy Spirit!...Instead of thinking...stay drinking in the Holy Spirit!  Do your thinking later!"              Rob Rufus

               With love to all,

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