Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wonderful Truths of Grace, Part 7


God is not dealing with us in reference to sin - the cross finished that.  On the cross Jesus took away all the sins of all people for all time.  He took away all sins - past, present, and future (John 1:29).  Our sins are all forgiven and taken away (lifted off of me).  The punishment due to humanity for sin was taken by Christ - our death He died - so there is no punishment left for us.

When we sin it changes nothing in our relationship with God.  We don't go out of fellowship or stop being "right" with God or need to try to get forgiven.  The sin is already dealt with and we are forgiven people at all times.  We're right with God forever because of Jesus; that won't change no matter what we do.  That means that even in the midst of our worst sin, God is looking on us with a smile and delighting in us!  He's already taken care of that sin completely at the cross (Jesus' work is FINISHED) so it isn't on His mind; what's on His mind is His love for us and His joy in the new creation He made us in Christ!

Thus sin can never come between us and God.  All guilt and shame and condemnation are removed; if we feel any of that, it is not from God.  At the cross all sins were forgiven and God is not counting the sins of the world against them.  Sin, being taken away at the cross, is not longer an issue between us and God.  God is not pointing out what's wrong with us; He's pointing out what's right with us because of Christ!  God doesn't see our sins.  He sees us in Christ as holy new creations with Christ's righteous life inside!


  1. Hmmm. Do not agree, we are to turn away from sin and REPENT - i do not believe that God smiles when he looks at sin. Sure a believer is in christ - but surely God wants us to stop sinning as much as we can (by his grace). Salvation - God forgive me of my sin , I believe in You - that's the thing or am I wrong.

  2. I hear your pure and beautiful heart coming through, how much you believe in God and want to follow His ways. I think we agree that God hates sin and isn't smiling on sin, but I do think He is smiling on His children!

    God hates sin and hates what it does to people, for He loves people and hates to see them trapped by sin. And he loved us so much and wanted to stop the destructive hold of sin so much that He sent Jesus to take away our sin and set us free in Christ from its power! So we as believers are set free from slavery to sin and now have a new nature that loves God. God knows that sin leads to nothing but trouble and wants to help us have the most fulfilling life, which is a life filled with trusting Jesus to live a love-life through us.

    What I'm saying in this post is that we are more important to God than our failures, that when He looks at me He sees the child He loves over any mistakes. All the mistakes and sins have been taken away on the cross and He has promised to "remember our sins and iniquities no more" - ! So His mind is set on helping us enjoy the new life we have in Christ, that relationship with Him. The natural result of just being with Him and seeing His grace for us is that we trust Him more and Christ flows through us more to love others! Sin is naturally put down without our even trying, because it is all an effect of Jesus' life welling up in us by the Spirit! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! We live, yet not us, but Christ lives in us!

    The only way I have ever found ANY freedom from sinful struggles in my life was when God overwhelmed me with His love and acceptance (grace!) and I started just enjoying that love and forgot about trying not to sin! With my thoughts on Him and His love for me, the desire for sin really melted away! The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace! That is how it worked for me! When I realized that even in the midst of my struggles, that God was looking on me with love and not condemning me, for there is no condemnation in Christ, it just changed my whole world! I had always imagined that His main thing was "Sparrow, stop sinning! Do better!" when really, His main thing turned out to be "Sparrow, stop trying! Rest in My arms! I love you!" When He showed me that, it melted my heart and I began to fall in love with God. And I fell out of love with sin! The devil can't stand to be around a believer who knows that they are loved by God no matter what they do, and even in the midst of their struggles, knows that they are the righteousness of God in Christ, totally accepted and holy in God's sight!

    There is such power in that acceptance that He has for us! The more I have seen that truth, the more it has set me free from sin's hold! But the main thing I have noticed with God is not trying to get me to stop sinning, but to get me to just enjoy the relationship we have. He truly is in love with us! He delights in us and sings over us with joy! I have experienced His Spirit just delighting in me with joy, even after I'd sinned - it is amazing!

    I think it is like a parent with a child - our main focus isn't on their behavior, but on having a good relationship with them and making sure they know we love them!

    I can hear your sincerity and desire to love God in your comment! And I believe you can rest assured He will take care of your Christian walk and bear the fruit of the Spirit in you, and all you need to do is just rest in His love and enjoy His presence! Isn't that beautiful! His main agenda for you is just to know Him, wow! And as a by-product of that relationship, sin is trumped in your daily life anyway, wow! As we just look at Him..

    Fill us with Your Spirit, Lord, and let us just enjoy Your presence and think on Your love and grace, and push out all the enemy's attacks in Jesus' name as we just focus on You! Amen!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, may God bless you..

    Love in Jesus,


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14