Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Asked You For Life

"I Asked You For Life"

I asked You for life, and You sent your son to die for me.
I asked You for hope, You came in the night and gave me a dream.
I asked You for freedom, You broke every chain and gave me the keys.
I asked You for love never-ending and every day You surround me!

And now my faith in You is a mountain that can't be shaken,
Now my strength is found in You, it is joy that can't be taken!

Praise spills from my lips, flowing onto the feet of You, my King.
You deserve all the love and all the honor that I can bring!

Here is my song, here is my heart, here is my love, all for You, Jesus!

Holy, Holy, only You are worthy!
                                                                   Jesus Culture

I love this song!  One day when I was having a very bad time, worrying over a problem, God had this song "playing" in the background of my mind constantly!  I was so worried, it took me a while to even notice this happy song playing over and over in my mind.  He just kept playing it over and over till I noticed, and I was touched and blessed.  I love how He keeps bringing us back to the good news of grace and encouraging us!  He won't leave us in our worries and fears - He comes to encourage us and remind us of the truth that we are okay in Him!  He fights the fears and worries with His love and strength and grace and JOY!  He truly is a Giver of grace, all the time!

He's all we've ever asked for.

He gives so much more than we ever ask..

He gave all of Himself and He fills up all of ourselves.

He gave all of Himself to us..

And wrapped up in Him is all we could ever need.

He meets our deepest needs..

And He's life, joy, peace and EVERYTHING to us!

                  With love from

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