The God Who Believes In You

I watched a short video today that was so freeing to me.  The man in the video was talking about a fellow pastor, and how that pastor would believe in people even when they failed.  When they blew it and others rejected them, this man would stick with them and continue to support them.  When others spoke only words of condemnation and criticism, this man continued to speak words of affirmation to the person.  The speaker said that his friend had treated him in the same way when he failed.  He believed in him and supported him.  What a wonderful picture of grace!

That is just how the Bible portrays Jesus.  He believed in people, supported them in spite of their sin.  He treated Judas with the same love and support as the other 11 disciples.  He didn't reject people when they failed.  He tended to minister to the burned out, broken, and messed up types.  These people felt love and acceptance from Jesus instead of blame and accusation.

It meant so much to watch that video today.  Why?  Because I am often the burned out, messed up person in need of grace.  To know that Jesus won't reject me, even then - that He will keep supporting me and believing in me, keep accepting and delighting in me, even when I'm down - just means so much!

Grace is for failures and burnouts, for those who don't measure up and never will.  It's for the bound, the confused, the doubtful, and the troubled.  It's for the people other Christians write off as not useful or successful.  It's for me.  It's for us all!

Grace is the loving voice of Jesus whispering to us: I love you just the way you are!  You're My beloved!  I embrace you right now!  I've already dealt with all the "messed up" things about you, so let's just enjoy looking into each other's eyes right now!

I need to hear that every day!  Thank You, God, that grace is for me, too, right here, right now...
May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14