Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Will Always Be The Beloved

It's just amazing that He would call me Beloved.  And it's true for all of us: we really are beloved of God.  "I have loved you with an everlasting love," He says.

Many times it's hard for me to see beyond my failures and really believe He loves me.  I've tended to see God through my sin, but God is beyond and above sin.  He's taken care of sin anyway!  He freely loves me..  He says it and that means it's a fact.  Not a possiblity.  Not a goal to reach.  Not a future hope.  God loves me and everyone as we are NOW!

So who cares about the devil, about condemnation, about feeling separated or unworthy...He loves us!  That is true whether I believe it or not, see it or not, feel it or not.  It doesn't depend on me.  What a relief that it's there no matter what...

Here is part of a talk by Graham Cooke that has comforted me in His love:

"You will always be the Beloved...
His love is unchanging and He love you 100%
He won't love you any better when you become better
He loves you 100% right now
And even if you have no plans to become better,
He will still love you 100%
Because that's the way He is.
And even if you don't want to change,
He will love you 100%
Even if you have no plans to walk with Him,
He will love you 100%
Because that's His nature
He loves all the way, all the time
His love is unchanging...

"[God says:]
I love you as you are right now
I love you 100% as you are right this moment
I love you as you are
So be loved
You are the Beloved
It is your job, says the Lord, to be loved outrageously...

"Beloved, you are Beloved
You are My Beloved
And in My love, I want you to feel good about yourself."

                                                                Graham Cooke


  1. Sparrow Girl,

    "And even if you don't want to change,
    He will love you 100%
    Even if you have no plans to walk with Him,
    He will love you 100%".

    Wow what a bold statement. I heard this back in August I think. Yeah, it really got my attention too. Pastors never tell you " Even if u dont want to be better God will love you 100%." They are always trying to find ways to let you know that you are not meeting Gods demands.

  2. Jordan,

    Yes, I agree, such a bold statement. His main thing isn't about changing us but about loving us! Unbelievable!

  3. Without one will see the Lord!

    God could not just love us into heaven....that would be unjust. Christ had to suffer the wrath of His Father. The One who knew no sin....the One who deserved to be loved....died and rose again so "we" could have eternal life.

    Also....the same "grace" that saves....also sanctifies. If there is no work of sanctification in a persons is because that person is lost.

  4. Ike,

    I agree that holiness and sin are very big issues. I have spent the majority of my Christian life worrying about these two things: "Could I get back to being "right" with God after such a sin?" or "Am I holy enough to please Him?" God met me in the dust of my failure and showed me just what you said - that Christ already suffered for me so I could have eternal life. It was already done! The sin issue and the holiness issue were already taken care of by Christ! He took away my sin at the cross and gave me His righteous life upon my belief! I had been striving for something I already had - acceptance before Him. I was already right with Him and as long as Christ's righteousness continued (forever!), nothing could make me unright! He had already recreated me as a holy person with His nature inside, and as long as He remained holy (forever), nothing could make me unholy! Now I was free to finally just enjoy a relationship with God that I'd had ever since I believed...

    But actually I believe the Graham Cooke quote is simply talking about the unconditional nature of God's love. His love is freely given without any condition required to be met on our part. And it's given for free, whether we ever respond to it or not. We don't have to earn it or pay for it. For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son..

    I hope that addressed your concerns!

  5. Ike,

    I don't know if you'll see this comment, but I want to make sure you know that I respect you as my brother in Christ and believe that we are part of His family together. My main focus in this blog is building people up, and I would never want to be argumentative or tear another person down or act like I have to be right. Deep down every Christian believes in God's grace and love and we are one in Him, even if we use different words or terms to express our ideas. We can all learn from each other. It is my goal with this blog that noone who visits here would ever go away feeling condemned or "heavy", that they would only feel loved and encouraged and graced. I hope that is coming across in any comments or words I leave here, and I just wanted to make sure you (and anyone else would) know that.


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14