Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Are Never Out of the Reach of Grace

Can we ever sin so much that grace stops coming to us?  Can we ever get so confused and doubtful that we are out of His grace?  Could we ever backslide into wrong thinking so far that grace doesn't reach us anymore?  The tendency after every failure is to think, well, He was with me when I was strong in faith, but now that I've blown it, I guess He's gone (or disappointed, or not as favorable toward me).  I have felt that way.  But is that the truth?

I don't believe we can ever out-sin grace.  Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.  All our doubts, confusion, wrong thinking and failures mean absolutely nothing in light of grace's presence.  After all, every sin and failure, every doubt and wrong belief was taken to the cross and nailed there.  Sin just doesn't do a thing to grace.  It doesn't change God's view of us one bit.  We are accepted because of what Jesus did and nothing we do or don't do changes what He did.  His record continues to stand: sins taken away, old self killed off, freedom won, reconciliation made, forgiveness granted, acceptance granted.

We can't go too far for grace to reach us.  His unconditional love reaches us wherever we are, no matter what failure we've experienced, no matter how many times we've gone back to the confusion of law or fleshly ideas.  We are safe forever and can't get away from this wonderful grace!  "If I make my bed in hell, You are there."

He and His grace and love will hold us.  He will hold us when we're faithful and when we're not.  He will hold us when we're acting right and when we're acting wrong.  He will hold us when we're clearly understanding grace and when we're confused and in doubt.  He will hold us still!  His loving favor doesn't depend on me!  It never did.  I only sometimes thought it did.  I didn't do anything to get Him to love and grace me, and I don't do anything to get Him to keep on loving and gracing me!

Thank You, God, for your love that won't go away no matter what!  Thank you that no matter what my failure or doubt, nothing changes in our relationship.  You are the same faithful love yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  We are always under Your waterfall of grace, always soaked in love!


  1. Amen! The people who "fell away from grace" were those who tried to justify themselves by their own works. Our sins will never cause us to fall out of grace.

    Great words here, of great encouragement in God's everlasting grace!

  2. Thanks, Joel! It Is encouraging that we've got His grace forever!

  3. Hi there, I came over here from Matthews blog and thought I would say hello.

    His grace is amazing. Not only does it keep us in His favor but it is the power of God working in our lives changing us from glory to glory! As we continue to see ourselves the way that He sees us, we will walk in the light of His truths! The revelation of grace has set me free and continues to do so. Thank You Jesus!

    It's nice to "meet" you. If you would like, stop by and say hello sometime :)

  4. Daveda,

    Like you, I have found new freedom from God's revelation of His grace. He is so much kinder and the gospel is so much better than I ever thought!

    Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you, too!


May the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. 2 Co. 13:14