Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Happiness of God

I have spent most of my life thinking of God as an sullen God or a disappointed God.  At least I usually saw Him as a very serious God.  Yet more and more He's showing me He's a happy God.  He's jovial and joyful.  He's got a spring in His step, a sparkle in His eyes, a song on His lips!

God is happy, I believe.  He's happy because He knows grace wins!  God is happy about the perfect, finished work of His Son and what it accomplished - the forgiveness of humanity!  And He's happy when we see that finished work on our behalf, delighting in our smile as we realize we are loved and accepted for free.  The good news of grace is the happiest message in the world!  He did a perfect work in us and He's happy with what He made us - new creations in Christ.  He is always pleased with His work, and we are His workmanship...that means He's pleased with us!   We are beautifully re-made by God Himself, Designer Originals with His stamp of approval on us.

If He's happy with what He made, we need never condemn ourselves for failure.  We need never fear He'll withdraw favor if we do something poorly or mess up.  He doesn't see us in terms of good or bad actions but only as alive and new creations in His Son!  He's joyful about what He sees!  And if God is happy with me, I can be happy with me, too....

God, I wasn't feeling very joyful today, yet I had been planning on posting this and so I went ahead and did so.  Just typing the words in encouraged me!  Thank you for Your joy in me even when I don't feel so happy.  Thank you that you ARE my joy and happiness which can never be stolen from me!

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