Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will Jesus Ever Backslide?

I read this quote from a message by Ryan Rufus recently and loved it:

"You do not have a covenant with God. God didn’t make a covenant with you. He made it with His Son. He made it with Jesus. And then He brought you into it because you are in Jesus. Jesus will never ever break His end of the covenant – He fulfills it perfectly. He is eternal! He is a perfect sacrifice. He offered a perfect sacrifice, which perfectly removes your sins and perfectly makes you righteous.

"He EVER lives to intercede for you and I! That means in the eternity of eternities if we ever sin then we are STILL righteous! We will never ever get kicked out of His Presence and the oath God makes with us – the way it works is that God binds Himself to the New Covenant – the grace covenant – and says;“I will bind Myself and promise that I will never, ever relate to man through his righteousness but I swear by an oath to always and ever relate to man through Christ’s righteousness and on man’s behalf!”.

"The New Covenant is not a fault-finding covenant. You have to get that – you have to see that. It can never be a fault-finding covenant because God is not relating to you through your performance. He is relating to you through Christ’s performance. God will never find fault with Christ – He is perfect. He is absolutely perfect! For you to break covenant with God or to lose your covenant with God would mean that Jesus would have to be made unperfect. It would mean that Jesus would have to backslide. It is absolutely impossible for Jesus to backslide – He is absolutely perfect in all description. He is indestructibly perfect. He is immutable and unchangeable and we are perfect with Him and He has made us perfect forever. This is the good news! This unlocks Scripture!"

The only way we could lose out on the New Covenant would be if Jesus were to backslide!  Imagine Jesus backsliding - it is so ludicrous!  Jesus is just never going to sin - never!  If anyone's righteousness is sure, it's HIS!  And since we are in a covenant based on HIS righteousness, not our puny filthy-rag-righteousness, therefore we are SECURE!  SAFE!  HOME FREE FOREVER!  We just can't mess this up.  I love how secure my righteousness before God is, since it's actually His righteousness given to me for free.  And it's true for you, too! Have a great day in Him, celebrating the fact that the unbackslideable Jesus is keeping you!

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