Friday, November 20, 2009


Recently I've been reading a book by Darin Hufford called The Misunderstood God.  It's very good and eye-opening, basically showing that the true nature of God is often the polar opposite of what we may have come to believe.

He talks about how God in love will never leave or abandon us.  It's wonderful to know we are secure in Him and He won't ever reject us.  Our relationship with Him is a "done deal".  We just can't mess this up!  Here are some quotes from the book on that subject:

"Security is free, open space all relationships need to grow.  You have that in God...Your relationship with God and your security with Him can never be taken from you.

"The starting point of all true relationships is the knowledge that we will never be abandoned - our experience of love will never be taken away for any reason.  This is the foundation of relationship with God and, therefore, the very foundation of faith.

"What kind of security is there if it's not total and absolute?  We give it to our children without a thought - why wouldn't God, who created us, give the same as our 'Father'?

"Love is the author of forever covenants."
                                                                 Darin Hufford

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