Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Life Springing Up Within Us

"What's good news to us now isn't just that He died FOR us, though that is good news.  It isn't just that He's WITH us, though that is good news.  It isn't just that He's IN us, HELPING us, though that is good news.  The really good news is that He is in us, living His life as us.  He has joined His Spirit with our spirit.  In the unseen and eternal, there's Deity inside us.  We are not that Deity, but we are containers of that Deity.

"A well of eternal life is springing up within us.  That life is adequate; that life is sufficient; that life is never exhausted, never tires, never tastes bitter.  That life is always light, always has mercy in it, always has a second chance in it, always carries God's forgiveness toward others, always is love.

"When we recognize this, suddenly the OUGHTS and the MUSTS of Satan's frenetic life become the 'Be still and be' of God's life - the 'Be still, and be' of His eternal presence.  A dramatic change of our point of reference results.  Satan's invitation to humanity was 'you become.'  When we're playing the game of MUST and OUGHT, we're in the performance spotlight.  Our performance is center stage.  But our point of reference is now the indwelling Jesus Christ.  He has no part in the separation implied by MUST and OUGHT.  He lives in our inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, where all simply is.  We are invited to let that be, and let Him come forth."

                                                                        Dan Stone

The Life in us is adequate for every situation we will face today.  We are not trying to become; we already are.  We're not trying to get more life, we are one with LIFE, and His name is Jesus Christ.  All we ever needed, He is in us right now.  All we ever longed to be, He is in us as our very Life.  That Life is fulfilling and satisfies our every need.  That Life is intoxicating and causes us to dance and sing with joy.  That Life is abundant, and it's overflowing out of us to the world now and now and now!   He gave us everything when He gave us Himself.  And He is living out of us today...

                            With love,

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